How to Activate YOUR “Fat-Burning Gene” and Lose 5 – 10 Pounds in the Next 7 Days

Did you know you can re-program your “fat-burning gene”, melting fat – almost on command?

Scientists at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center have found a way to do precisely that. They’ve been able to activate the adipose gene, the gene that controls whether your body burns or stores fat.

Think about that! If you’re overweight, that means just by activating this one gene, fat begins to melt away effortlessly. This discovery not only helps millions of people lose weight, but it could eventually lead to medicine that prevents and treats obesity and diabetes.

Senior scientist and co-author of this recent 5-year study, Jonathan Graff, remarked:

“There IS a ‘skinny gene’ out there, and when it’s reduced in function, animals become fat. It works in the fat cells and not by changing appetite, and could account for what I would call this epidemic of obesity and diabetes.”

Called the “adipose gene”, scientists discovered that the more it was stimulated, the thinner their subjects became. When the opposite was done — when the gene was tweaked down – the subjects got fatter.

Animals that stayed or became lean also maintained ideal levels of blood glucose, while the ones that put on weight eventually developed type 2 diabetes. Amazingly, researchers have discovered the gene acts like a volume knob on a radio — turn it up and you become leaner, turn it down and the pounds start to pile on.

Graff and his team are eager to carry on further research to find a medicine that can turn up the volume knob of this gene, helping people become lean, as well as achieve ideal blood sugar and insulin levels.

But you don’t have to have to wait until then. Did you know there are ways to “epigenetically” tweak your “skinny gene”, allowing you to rapidly shed unwanted pounds?

If you’re not familiar with the term “epigenetics” quite yet, don’t despair. The word simply means taking direct control of certain genes, changing the results you get in your body.

This is not some pie-in-the-sky theory. Nor does it require drugs, surgery or expensive supplements. It works for anyone, male or female, regardless of age.

At Fast Track to Fat Loss, they have taught a fat-burning method to thousands of men and women with incredible results. And it always begins with 3 key principles you must apply in order to begin turning the volume knob up on your fat-burning gene so you can start melting fat as soon as today.

These 3 simple steps reveal the things you absolutely MUST AVOID if you want to epigenetically melt stubborn fat

Forget low-fat diets… low carbohydrate diets… calorie-restricting diets. One of the MAJOR reasons people are overweight is they’re literally starving themselves of the nutrients they need to function effectively.

This can not only cause fat gain, it can lead to a host of other chronic diseases.

The fact is, your body is bio-genetically designed to consume real, nutrient-rich food — and that means generous amounts of fats, (the right kind of) carbohydrates and protein.

Look at it this way: Food is the software that allows you to hack your genetic hardware. Click below to continue reading…

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