7 Reasons To Have A Diffuser In Your Home

Essential Oils can increase your energy, help you sleep better, and improve your health. One of the easiest ways to use essential oils is aromatically using a diffuser.

1. Promotes a restful sleeping environment

Use a diffuser to unwind at the end of a long day! Keep one at the office to relax during a lunch break.

2. Support a Healthy Immune System

Using a diffuser is an amazing way to ward off cold, flu and other illnesses. Essential Oils have great anti-microbial properties when evaporated into the air. Depending on the oils you are diffusing, it can also help boost your immune system.

3. Can relieve tension and tired muscles

Use a pain relief blend to help with sore joints, headaches, and overworked muscles. Usually you will apply a pain blend topically, but aromatically can also provide many benefits.

4. Safe alternative

Many air fresheners contain toxic chemicals that you spray into the air and then breathe in. Avoid breathing them in by using a safe alternative. Burning candles can also be hazardous to pets and children.

5. Promotes healthy respiratory function

If you are affected by alleries or clogged airways, diffuse essential oils in the areas that you spend the most time. One of my favorite mixes uses peppermint, eucalyptus and lemon.

6. Cleanses and purifies the air

Some diffusers double as a humidifier. This will help you be less susceptible to any microbes that make it into your body.

7. Helps to get you in a better mood!

It can also help set a romantic atmosphere for a special person in your life.