Grapefruit Essential oil uses

Grapefruit offers a lot of benefits, likewise grapefruit essential oil is rapidly becoming famous due to its versatility.

Weight loss Booster

For decades we have known grapefruit to be an excellent remedy to lose weight, but popularity of its essential oil has surpassed the fruit itself. Grapefruit essential oil is excellent when it comes to weight loss and fat burning. Certain ingredient present in essential oil help in boosting the metabolism at the same time reducing the appetite. For people who are looking to cut down on their food should try grapefruit oil mixed with patchouli oil. All you have to do is mix a few drops of the oil in water and diffuse it in your home or office. You can even massage the mixture on your wrists and chest whenever you start to feel hungry.

It is also an excellent lymphatic stimulant and diuretic, especially when it is applied on top of the skin in small amounts. Due to this very reason, grapefruit oil is mixed in many cellulite creams. In addition to this, grapefruit oil can help you get rid of the water weight because it provides a kick start to the lymphatic system.

Candida Killer

The antifungal ability of grapefruit makes it the best medicine for killing bacteria and yeast that result in candida virus symptoms. Candida is a condition that affects the gut health that leads to cravings. There are many researches that show that grapefruit oil is really good at fighting and preventing urinary tract infections. Additionally, inhaling grapefruit essential oil may help with nasal and lung infection.

Excellent Antibacterial

According to different researches, grapefruit oil is useful for killing strong bacterial strains such as Salmonella and E.Coli. These bacteria are responsible for food-born illness. You can even use grapefruit for disinfecting the water, preserve food, kill parasites that are present in the animal feeds and fight mold growth.

Air Freshener

It is an excellent replacement for an air freshener. Besides filling your house with a fresh and clean air, it will kill the odor causing bacteria present in the air. To make this natural air freshener you have to add lemon essential oil, orange essential oil and grapefruit oil with water. Put the mixture in a spray bottle and use it whenever you want. Grapefruit oil is also used for cleaning table tops, floors and household appliances.

Stress Buster

Due to its ability to relieve stress, grapefruit essential oil is known as a stress buster. It is an excellent way to smooth and uplift your mood. All you have to is add the oil to the bath wash or you can even use it like a perfume. Dab it on your skin whenever you are feeling stressed out. Put some drops of coconut oil along with grapefruit oil to a sterilized cotton ball and dab that on your neck, wrists and chest.

Reduces sugar craving

This is excellent for people having a sweet tooth. Grapefruit oil is famous for its ability to put down on the sugar craving. When you inhale it directly, it may reduce the urge to eat sugary treats. You can either sniff it directly from the bottle or you can create a natural supplement by adding few drops of essential oil into a cold water diffuser.