Lavender Oil – A Natural Wonder?

Lavendula Angostifolia is the botanical name of Lavender Essential oil. There are various benefits of using this essential oil. It is amongst the most versatile natural oils and is widely used in numerous home remedies. The oil is extracted from the flowers of the lavender plant via steam distillation process. On the other hand, its flowers are used commonly in potpourris.

Lavendula Angostifolia has been used in aromatherapy for years. It is used for everything from curing wounds to boosting immunity, uplifting mood and fighting insomnia. You can use it as a potential room freshener or a moisturizer. It is one of those few essential oils that can be applied on the skin directly and is ideal for all skin types. Let’s explore how it benefits our health.

Relaxing properties

Lavendula Angostifolia has exceptional stress reducing, relaxation promoting and tension relieving properties. It acts as a sedative and helps relieve depression along with enhancing your mood and perspective on life. Its calming and alluring scent ease the nerves and potentially treat anxiety. You can use it for treating headaches, mental stress, emotional grievances and improving clarity of though and mental alertness. It also helps in treating insomnia as it promotes sleep.

Pain relieving properties

Lavendula Angostifolia can treat a variety of pains and aches like tense muscles, rheumatism, joint pain and also sprains. It can be beneficial for relieving back pain. All you need is a thorough massage with lavender oil to get rid of pains and tensions.

Improves Respiratory Health

It has excellent therapeutic properties and therefore, potentially helps with throat infections, colds, flu and sinus congestion. You can use it for treating bronchitis, asthma and similar respiratory ailments.

Enhances Blood Circulation

Lavendula Angostifolia can help in improving blood circulation and thus lowers blood pressure. It can be used for curing urinary disorders because it promotes urine production and balances hormones. To reducing urinary bladder inflammation, lavender essential oil is ideal. It also boosts digestion and enhances intestinal mobility. By stimulating gastric juices it can treat stomach pain, indigestion, colic, diarrhea, vomiting, flatulence and various other gastronomical problems.

Moreover, it can improve immunity and prevents infections. You can use lavender essential oil to relieve sinusitis and reducing fever. In some countries, this oil is used to soothe insect bites and in fact, people use it as an insecticide or mosquito repellant. Due to its antibacterial, antiseptic and antibiotic properties, Lavendula Angostifolia helps in preventing bacterial growth and is helpful in diseases like typhoid.  It can also be applied for curing cuts and scrapes.

Skin Care: Lavender essential oil can treat various skin problems such as acne, burns, scrapes, cuts and sunburn. Also, it can potentially help chicken pox affected skin by reducing scars. You can also make your own creations using this essential oil. For instance, you can create Lavender Bubble bath or use it as a deodorant and reduce the scars and blemishes left by acne and pimples. It not only prevents breakouts of pimples but also clears the redness created on the skin due to acne.

Some helpful tips:

  • To enjoy sound and restful sleep during the night, drop some drops of lavender essential oil on the pillow.
  • To soothe your nerves, diffuse some amount of lavender essential oil to fill the room with soothing and relaxing air.
  • Mix natural shea butter with few drops of lavender essential oil to smooth excessively dry skin during the winter season.

Mix few drops of lavender essential oil with natural olive oil and massage directly on your scalp to  stimulate follicles.