Peppermint Oil: One of the Oldest Medicines in the World

Looking at the impressive and long history, Peppermint Oil it is arguably one of the world’s oldest medicine. The oil is obtained from Peppermint plant or Mentha Pipertita. The plant itself is a cross between water mint and spear mint found mainly in Europe and North America. A wide range of use of peppermint as an essential oil can be traced back to 200 years in ancient Rome and Egypt. Many cultures have been using this oil for its various uses and also as a sign of hospitality. The oil is used in diverse fields from food, cosmetics and medicines. The oil is extracted by the steam distillation of dry leaves of the plant. The leading countries in producing and exporting mint oil are United States of America, India and china respectively.

The peppermint oil is used widely in food recipes, cosmetics and in other products. There are many benefits of peppermint oil in all of the above fields.

Peppermint oil is vastly used in recipes for flavouring. The minty taste that it provides is refreshing. It is also used in beverages. Also many dietary supplements contain the oil.

The oil plays a major part in the productions of Soaps, Shampoos, toothpaste, and ointments. It’s also used in many mouthwashes which helps get rid of bad breath.

Other products:
Peppermint oil is used in chewing gums, cigarettes and ice cream.

The oil is known to have multiple medicinal values form historical days. Not just ancient Europe, but also was in use in China and Japan as local herb medicine. Some of the common benefits of peppermint oil are Freshens bad breath, Boosts energy, Muscle relief, Reduce stomach ache etc… The oil is used in many cases such as:

Cough or Breathing problem:
Consuming Peppermint oil or inhaling the aroma can offer quick relief in Cough, Sore throats, Sinus and Asthma.

Body Pain
It is advised to rub the oil on the body parts to soothe the muscle/joint pain. Inhaling the aroma can also reduce the head ache. Adding few drops of the oil to your hot water bath helps relaxation.

Hair and Skin
Due to the aiding nature in oil secretion in skin, benefits of peppermint oil is often used in lip balms and body lotions to heal skin cracks. It’s also used in soaps to provide the coolness to your skin while having a bath. Having antimicrobial properties, peppermint oil is used in shampoos to clean the dandruff and even help grow your hair.

Benefits of peppermint oil reflect in household cleaning activities too – Surface Cleaners – Because it has natural antifungal and antibacterial qualities, you can use it with vinegar and water for scrubbing and clean of house.

Control Odor – Only few drops of it can prevent smelly odor of bathroom and kitchen garbage.