The Calming Nature of Lavender

The use of lavender as an aromatic with medicinal properties extends as far back as the ancient abbeys and monasteries in Europe.  As scientists researched and studied herbs, perfumes, and oils, such as lavender, synthetic versions became less expensive to produce and in some cases more powerful in their effects.  Unfortunately, the side effects from these manmade substances have also been responsible for other health challenges and even deaths.

Lavender (Lavandula angustifolia) oil is extracted by steam distillation of its aromatic flowers.  France is known for its purple fields of lavender but this plant is grown in many places around the world.  The finest oil extractions come from plants grown in unpolluted soil; moistened with pure, non-chemical laden water; under clear, clean skies.

The components of lavender fall under the category of oxygen; specifically, alcohols.  Lavender aids in creating an environment hostile to bacteria, viruses and fungi.  It is generally safe for children 6 and older and provides a pleasant aromatic condition.  Lavender contains elements that can promote feelings of calmness and relaxation and may also help reduce feelings of abandonment.

Feelings of Depression and Anxiety

Lavender has powerful aromatic benefits.  It can promote up lifted spirits, increased body vibrations, and feelings of relaxation. Its calming properties can be beneficial for head, and neck pain and promote general feeling of well-being.

Anti-fungal and anti-infectious Properties

Even though our largest organ, “skin”, acts as a barrier to harmful intruders, lavender has the ability to penetrate the skin and enter the bloodstream within minutes.  Lavender  strengthens the body in its ability to ward off disease and infections.  The healing power of lavender was discovered by a burn victim.  When applied to the extensive wound Its medicinal properties became visible almost immediately.

The pain, itching and discomfort from bee and other insect bites can be achieved by applying lavender directly to the affected area.  It can also be combined with carrier oils and applied directly to the wound and massaged into the bottom of the feet.


There are mixed reviews as to the aphrodisiac qualities of lavender.  Some claim it enhances feelings of love while others claim the exact opposite.

Lavender is a basic oil; one that is wise to have on hand.  From a religious standpoint, the overall effectiveness of lavender and other essential oils is enhanced when combined with prayer and even more so when the user strives to live life at a higher frequency of goodness.


With wise and reasonable use lavender is relatively free from side effects.  However, caution should be taken with children under 6 as well as if one is pregnant or nursing.

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