How to make bath soaps with olive oil

You can easily reduce your monthly expenses on spa treatments and bathing products by switching to organic and herbal solutions. For instance you can combine Olea Europaea with Epsom salt to create a completely natural and cost-effective home spa treatment. This amazing bath soap will not just moisturize your whole body but will draw out toxins and calm the nerves.

How to make bath soaps

What you need:

  • Epsom Salt/ sea salt/ Kosher salt- 1 cup
  • Olive Oil – 2 tbsp

Just stir these two ingredients and add any preferred additive or essential oil in a bowl and store the mix in a container with lid. Double the amount if you have a large tub. Do not ever keep it without a lid because the moisture will affect the salt and the mixture will become clumpy. When you need to bathe, just add a little amount to your bath tub and that’s it.

Salt helps in relieving all your stresses, pains and aches. Olive oil will condition your body wholesomely. This is a great remedy for healing very dry skin especially during cold weather.

How to use it as a scrub?

If you do not intend to bathe in a bath tub but want to use the bath soaps in the shower, just use a handful of this mixture and apply it on wet skin. Gently scrub the areas you need to scrub and see your skin become softer, exfoliated and moisturized instantly. Elbows, hands and ankles are the most affected areas so use this scrub on these specific spots a bit generously. You may also use this bath soap mix as a facial scrub but avoid Epsom salt from contacting the eyes.

How to use Olive Oil bath soaps in aromatherapy?

You can use the same bath soaps mixture for aromatherapy as well. What you need to do is add ½ teaspoon of any essential oil of your choice and mix it with the Epsom sale and olive oil mix. Don’t use a lot of essential oil because these are quite concentrated and therefore, just a little would do the trick. Lavender oil/Lavendula Angostifolia is great for improving sleep quality. You may also use Peppermint essential oil/ Mentha Piperita to invigorate your skin. If you mix Citriodora (Euclyptus essential oil) in the homemade bath soaps then your sinus issues and headaches will be alleviated. Combine Melaleuca Alternifolia (Tea Tree Oil) to heal infections and wounds.

Citrus Olive Oil and Salt Bath Soap

Since we are trying to mix and merge various concoctions to attain maximum benefits from olive oil, so here is another take on the previous recipe.

What you need:

  • Juice of one lemon
  • Juice of one orange or grapefruit
  • One-fourth cup natural olive oil

  • Sea salt – a handful

Mix the juices (use freshly squeezed juices) with salt and olive oil. Mix this amazing solution to the hot bath water.

Benefits: This citrus, olive oil and salt bath soap mix will detoxify your skin and provide ample reserves of Vitamin C. The intensity of fruit acids will be softened by olive oil and the salt addition will help in skin purification.