Pine Oil

A walk through the woods often immerses an individual in the appealing aroma of pine scent.  Many consider this a refreshing and revitalizing odor associated with the outdoors.  It opens the air passageways and generally revitalizes, and refreshes the recipient.  It is thought that the pine tree originated in Austria and Russia.  Since then its growth has spread and is now prevalent throughout the world.  Due to the abundance of pine trees, this essential oil is relatively inexpensive and easily available.  It is often used as a scent option for car fresheners, bathroom sprays, and disseminated throughout a home by way of diffusing.


Pine trees can bring a handful of health related benefits, but also have some symbolism during the holiday season.  While artificial Christmas trees now do an amazing job at appearing real, many individuals enjoy the smell of pine trees so much that they still opt for purchasing real pine trees during the holiday season—the smell is refreshing and tends to uplift an individual’s mood.  With the ability to diffuse pine essential oil in a cold-air diffuser, the aroma in the room makes it even more difficult to spot an artificial tree.


There are many health benefits associated with Pine Essential Oil.   Like many other essential oils, pine has antibacterial, analgesic, diuretic, energizing, and antiseptic characteristics.  Individuals have experienced a lessening of redness and inflammation of sores and skin disorders.  Some of the skin conditions relieved with pine oil include: eczema, athlete’s foot, and psoriasis.


Pine Essential oil promotes the breaking up of mucus and phlegm; allowing for easier removal from the nasal canal and respiratory system.  Pine oil supports the immune system which helps the body’s ability to fight pathogens, bacteria, and viruses encountered on a daily basis as one goes about life’s activities.
Other medicinal benefits linked to Pine Essential Oil:

  1. Helps relieve itching, eczema, pimples and scabies.
  2. Fleas tend to cower to the application of pine oil
  3. It resists the negative effects of free radicals which can cause wrinkles, sagging skin, and general early aging.
  4. Lice are eradicated from infected hair.
  5. Pine oil is added to cleaning products due to its disinfecting qualities.
  6. Along with better dietary and exercise patterns, Pine oil helps with Wight loss Plans.
  7. Extra water in the body is removed because of the oils’ diuretic properties.
  8. The stress placed on kidneys to remove toxins from the body is eased with pine oil because the body is stimulated to frequently urinate, subsequently getting rid of toxins at a faster rate. The result is healthier kidneys.
  9. Its anti-inflammatory properties help relieve joint pain, arthritis, and rheumatic ailments.
  10. It promotes gall bladder health


As you can see, pine oil is more than just a cleaning agent or a scent to be enjoyed.