Lemon Fresh

The many benefits and uses of lemons are becoming more widely known and marketed.  An interesting fact is that the ancient Chinese actually understood the beneficial properties of the lemon far earlier than the European and American cultures.  They would often us lemon to enhance the flavor of their food instead of salt.  It is easy to add too much salt to a food item but accidently adding too much lemon, unless done so to the extreme, does not make a tasty morsel inedible as easily as salt does.

Manufactures have recognized the natural and pleasant attraction we have for the scent of lemon.  Many a t.v. and magazine add use some qualify of the lemon to attract consumers to their product.  This aromatic ingredient is added and marketed as the “fresh scent of lemon” in dish soaps, laundry soap, dryer sheets, air fresheners, disinfectants, wood and silver polish, cough drops, deodorants, and insect repellents, to name just a few.

Lemon is a citrus oil and is expressed from its rind in a cold press process.  This is possible due to the heavier molecular weight of the oil which keeps it from dissipating into the air; a challenge presented by other oils.  Most other essential oils cannot be gathered in this fashion as they evaporate easily and readily.  Often I’ve caught myself instinctively inhaling a big breath as I catch a whiff of lemon in the air, and expelling a big “ahhhh” as it refreshes and brightens my mood.  Although housework may not always be the most pleasant activity, working in a lemon fragranced environment can add some unexpected enjoyment to the job.

The taste of lemon is inviting as we add its flavor to cakes, muffins, breads, cookies, jams, pie fillings, meat tenderizers, and seasonings.  Lemon enhances the flavor of soups, sauces, vegetables, and pasta. The juice is transformed into a refreshing glass of cool lemonade or sprinkled over fish, tossed with salads, and mixed with pepper as a whole new experience for the taste buds.  Many enjoy a wedge of lemon added to their water as an added pick-me-up? Its commonly requested at restaurants where the lemon piece is attached to the side of the water glass adding an inviting visual affect to a simple glass of H2O. These are only a few ways in which lemon juice and lemon oil benefit our day to day activities.

Its citric characteristic helps create an environment repugnant to germs; making it a good cleaner.  It has been used to clean and brighten metal surfaces, counter tops, floors, and clothes. When diffused into the air its antibacterial and antifungal properties assist in eradicating germs and other infectious elements.

When enjoying all the benefits of lemon oil keep in mind that when applied to the skin it makes one more sensitive to the sun therefore more susceptible to sunburn.  This situation lasts for approximately twelve hours after its application.  Although this is important to note there are many other pleasantries of lemons that can and should be captured and enjoyed in our day to day living.

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