Let’s take on the essential of Wintergreen Oil

If you have ever used the pain relieving ointment then you can easily remember the smell and feel of Wintergreen Oil. You will feel the aroma of mentholated in wintergreen oil, which brings clean and mint feeling from the applied area.  It brings the mental peace to one’s mind and triggers the feeling of relief on the applied area. The wintergreen oil has many interesting benefits, which is yet left to discover. Before we jump to the Benefits of Wintergreen Essential Oil and other essential of this special oil, let’s focus on the origin of the wintergreen oil.

The origin of Wintergreen

The shrubby evergreen plant commonly known as Gaultheria procumbens, is the producer of the wintergreen oil. From this shrubby plant, which is a part of the Ericaceae family, oil has been extracted. These are mainly found in North America and Canada. To obtain rich oil, the low grown shrub cab be the good source and in the shady and cool location of organic soil. These locations could be mountains, moist region and forest.

Features to know about wintergreen

To recognize the wintergreen plant, you must consider some features of the tree like long stem, glossy green leaves, oval shape of plant and white blooms. The white blooms turn into red color of berries, which is favorite food of many forest animals. The oil of wintergreen is extracted from leaves. The Benefits of Wintergreen Essential Oil are fresh and sweet aroma, which gives you the feeling of fresh mint. The oil has yellow or pinkish color, which is very pungent.

Usage of wintergreen oil

  • The wintergreen oil has been popular for many centuries. Native Americans are using the leaves of the wintergreen to extract oils. By chewing the leaves, one can easily increase the respiratory capacity and its endurance, which help them to run for long distances. The leaves are also used with medicinal beverages by the native tribes.
  • It has been also used to give flavor in different foods. To use as a flavor, the extract of the wintergreen leave has been diluted, which is also used in the toothpaste and gums. To fight against the foul odors, it can be presented as a strong scent.
  • The oil of the wintergreen extract is used in medicine at large scale. It should be noted that taking pure oil of wintergreen can be toxic for one’s health.
  • The wintergreen oil’s advantage

    Wintergreen can provide feeling of relief from sore muscles. The Benefits of Wintergreen Essential Oil encourage doctors to recommended it for taking in pain. It can be useful in headache, joint and bone pains, and muscle cramps. This is can be also used to tackle stress and tension.

    Used in arthritis

    The oil of the wintergreen may strengthen muscle and tissues. It clears the blood obstructed in the muscles and make one feel free and fresh from muscle pain.

    Take caution and be careful using undiluted Wintergreen Essential Oil.

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  1. Jeanie

    Please add that wintergreen should always be diluted and never ingested. People on blood thinners or have clotting issues should not use it as it will effect their clotting factors. Frankly speaking, you should really know this if you think you can share this kind of information with the public.

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