Peppermint Oil Uses

Peppermint Oil (Mentha Piperita) is certainly one of the oldest herbs that is used in medical purpose. This plant is being used for centuries to help and support gastrointestinal systems, digestion and allergies. It’s health supporting characteristics are the main reason why this plant has been turned to oil. The Peppermint Oil has a wide range of usage which can be divided into a few types. This oil can be used in healthcare, homecare and as a botanical supplement.

The usage of peppermint oil in healthcare

There are various health issues that can be treated with this oil. It is very handy when it comes to toothaches. Apply just a few drops of it on the tooth. Also, it will provide a fresh breath. If your organism is under the influence of flu, applying it under the nose can help keep airways clean and make inhaling a lot easier. A few drops of it mixed with water will help your digestion and stomach problems as well as with menstrual cramps. Beside those, rubbing a few drops on your neck and temples will help subdue pressure feeling that headache can provide. It is also excellent in battling Nausea and Hiccups. Just a drop of this oil into any kind of tea can help with sea sickness and hiccups. Rubbing peppermint oil on the itching surface of the skin will provide an instant and much needed relief. Rubbing it to the area of bug bites will help stop the itching. There are many more ways to use this herbal oil extraction in medical treatments like fungus treatment between toes, smelly feet treatment, throat pain, sinus pain treatment with inhalation… the list is enormous and we can state that peppermint oil is a must have ingredient in every nursing kit.

The usage of peppermint oil in homecare

Some of the most annoying in house problems can be easily treated with the simple usage of peppermint oil. Placing a few drops of this oil in the sinks will prevent the bad smells to spread from them all over the house. Placing a few drops on the bottom of your in-house garbage depositories will do the same. It will eliminate the bad smell and add some freshness to the place. The peppermint oil has a whole lot of natural antibacterial and antifungal properties. By mixing it with water and vinegar you will get a strong, but yet natural, all around cleaning essence that can be used on any kind of surface without any risks. You can use this oil as much as you want as it is not harmful and also it provides a nice smell that will keep your nerves calm during the whole day.

The usage of peppermint oil in botanical care

This oil is great in keeping bugs and rodents away from your plants. Mixing it with water and spaying it over your plants will prevent your plant from being attacked by bugs. Spaying the plants with this solution will also kill the aphids that can be found on them.

This oil has been in use all over the world for a long time. It is natural, it is not harmful and most of all it can come very handy in various situations. Whether you need to clean your living place, need help with medical issues or you just want to keep your plants safe, peppermint essential oil can provide you a solution.